Some pics of a Cannatonic at week 10.

cannatonic 5.12.13

and a nug close up:

cannatonic2 5.12.13

on a side note, some rhubarb growing nearby!

rhubarb 5.12.13

rhubarb close 5.12.13


Current Seed Run 2013

This cross features a male out of motarebels gear, a Green Manalishi. The male has tight and even nodal spacing, and when the stem is abrased he stinks of lemon pledge with a tinge of funky bottom. The plant was started from seed on the 1st of may, 2012 and has remained under a 18/6 light cycle, without throwing flowers, until moved to the seed room on the 1st of april.

The females chosen for this run were selected to round out several aspects of this very stable male:

To increase and round out the male’s potency we chose Red Dragons soaring sativa buzz, Cannatonics couch lock CBD production, and OG Chems very high yielding concentrate returns of over 20%.

To complement the even stout nodes the male shows we chose: the Super Lemon Haze’s triangular branching and triple budding, the Super Skunks perfect branching and even tight buds, and the Purple Diesels strong and long branches with large nug production.

To compliment the lemon pledge smells found on the male we selected: Super Lemons Haze’s huge haze and lemon nose, Blue Berry Blast for its sophisticated blend of haze with a kiss of blueberry, and again the Purple Diesel for its sweet diesel with a smack of celery flavor.

Pics were taken in week 3 of flower:

g male 4.25.13

g male2 4.25.13

Full Seed Room:

full seed room 4.25.13

partial seed 4.25.13

part 2 seed 4.25.13

To review, there are 7 crosses being ran, they are listed below:

GM = Green Manalishi (Motarebel seeds)

GM x Red Dragon (Barneys Farm)

GM x Super Lemon Haze (Greenhouse Seeds)

GM x Cannatonic (Resin Seeds)

GM x Purple Diesel (Cali Connection)

GM x Blueberry Blast (SnowHigh Seeds)

GM x Super Skunk (White Label)

GM x OG Chem (Connoisseur Genetics)


More from the garden

It has been very busy for us over here, sorry that it has been so long between posts. Here are a few things pulled out of the garden over the last few weeks.

First things first, here is a look at the dragon after 10 weeks in the flower room, she smells of limes and BIG haze.

dragon 2 3.20.13

dragon 3.20.13

Next we have the Super Lemon Haze… a pure delight. She also spent 10 weeks soaking up light.

slh 3.20.13

Up next is the Super Skunk, a nice and easy to grow plant. In fact, we have heard it said that it is harder to roll a nice joint than to grow a decent Super Skunk. First a nug shot, then a bit more of the plant, she spent 8 weeks in the flower room.

s.skunk 2 3.20.13

s.skunk 3.20.13

Next is some vac purged BHO crafted from a combination of some Foam x Mist and a bit of soma’s NYCD. Thanks to the Doc for making this one happen!!

wax knot

Now just a few Chem Valley Kush ladies that you may see more of one day, under a LED.

chem valley 2.22.13

Thanks all for the time spent looking!


Last week in the garden

The first thing we want to show you are some plants from the garden, 1st is the Super Skunk from White Label Seeds.  The pic of the skunk below was taken in week 7 of flower, she comes out on the 25 of February!

skunk 2.22.13

The next pic is of the Red Dragon taken in week 6 of flower, 4 more weeks to go.

dragon 2.22.13

Next up is a pheno sort that is being ran by the N-P-K Kid, hope for great things out of this run.  These little babies are Chem Valley Kush by the Cali Connection.  These ladies are under LED’s, thus the purple.  We have great hope that these will produce a killer mom, and perhaps even a worthy dad.

chem valley 2.22.13

The next pic is of the Killer Queen seeds that we started about 2 or 3 weeks ago, also in the pic is a small bubba chocolate chunk plant.  Big hopes are ridding on both of these genetic packages, we hope to get a great mother and father from the queens.

kq 2.22.13

This last pic is of the test flower that we ran on the Green Manalishi by Motarebel.  This strain is a Pacific G-13 x G-13/HP, and is the closest we have been able to come to 100% G13.  The plant shown below has just started to push male flowers and will be the male used in our upcoming cross.

Grn man 2.22.13
Hope you all enjoyed the garden, till next time.

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